Linville NC Real Estate

linville nc real estateIf you want to live in the High Country of Western North Carolina, but partially separate yourself from the more populated areas, Bear Creek at Linville has a place for you. Linville itself is one of the more quaint towns in the region, but it’s not to be confused with a sleepy town. Linville may offer a slower pace than say Boone, but it holds its own and attracts visitors for a variety of reasons. Residents, too, have much to enjoy. Our community is situated in this charming area, affording potential home buyers a place to call their own in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains.

To be honest, neighborhoods that tell you they feature the best of both worlds are about a dime a dozen. It’s unfortunate that they’re not always reliable, but you can trust us, and in fact, you can see for yourself. The way of living that Bear Creek provides, harmoniously along with the wildlife, is ideal for just about anyone (including the animals). Property owners are close to it all – shopping centers, ski resorts, tourist attractions, highways, nature, even the sky. The elevation here is about 3,600+ feet above sea level.

The setting alone is enough to interest many in residing here, without even looking at the houses for sale. We don’t simply sell real estate, we sell a lifestyle. When you browse the available properties, you’ll want to look beyond the walls of the house, even beyond the lot. When you invest in one of the limited spots, you receive much more than what’s shown on paper. It may say a town home or Creekside home, but the communal and ecological aspects can’t be defined. Browse our listings to catch a glimpse of what you’ll find here, and consider calling Linville NC your home.

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